Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Ending Domestic Abuse and Violence Against Women

Yesterday I went to the Salvation Army headquarters and had lunch in the canteen. In this basement area there was a exhibition, Look Again, with some large photographs, images, Bible texts and words about positive relationships and respect for women around the world. The exhibition was from 24 October to 9 December, but the display was still there.

While I was looking around the exhibition I picked up a sheet with prompts for prayer.

Pray for women facing violence

Pray for organizations who are working to end violence against women

  • For courage and wisdom in knowing what to do
  • For God to draw in people and resources to do the work
  • For protection in the face of evil
Pray for Restored

  • For our work with churches to help people see the problem and know how to respond
  • For work with men so that prevailing attitudes and behaviour are challenged and changed
  • For our international work
  • For the ability to co-ordinate and make things happen
  • For implementing the many ideas that are part of the vision God has given.
Yesterday the international media reported on another brutal gang rape and murder in India.

In the UK it is estimated that a woman is assaulted in her own home every six seconds.
Eighty per cent of teenage mums experience abuse.

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