Saturday, 18 January 2014

A Remarkable Providential Event

My late mother-in-law, who sadly died in her early sixties, worked as a district nurse and midwife during WW2. Megan came from West Wales and did not speak English until she was six years old. Welsh was her mother tongue.

One day on a train in West Wales, Megan arrived at a station where she needed to alight. The carriages had doors on both sides and could be opened by releasing the lock mechanism.  Sometimes, as I well know, these doors were quite difficult to open. Megan moved quickly to the door and was releasing the lock when something quite remarkable happened.

Megan felt a hand on her shoulder. No doubt about it. Megan looked around and she saw  no one at all in the carriage. But at that very moment an express passed the door on the side she was about to open.  In her haste to leave the train Megan had chosen the door on the track side and not on the platform side.

Had she not turned but continued, when she felt the hand on her shoulder, she would have been hit by the express train and killed.

Megan believed in guardian angels.

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