Thursday, 23 January 2014

Baptists responding to needs in Syria and Syrian communities

In the Spring 2014 issue of Baptists Together there is an article by Nabil Costa, executive director of the Lebanese Baptist Society (LSLESD).

In this article Nabil Costa describes the Syrian refugee problems facing Syria and Lebanon as a result of the war. There are evident tensions that have arisen. He writes:

         Many towns are not big enough to host the numbers of Syrians who are coming to reside in them.
         In some towns the number of Syrians entering outnumber the Lebanese.
Churches and community organizations are now providing food, medical equipment, "winterisation items" and education in Lebanon. In Syria, food rations with medical assistance plus winterisation items ( i.e. blankets, stoves, bedding etc.) are provided.

Churches have responded positively and dynamically to the desperately grave difficulties. The challenging circumstances have prompted "the Church to wake up, join hands together, and fulfil its mission".

Nabil Costa clearly wishes to bless others and find blessing in that, but his advice to "turn a deaf ear to political agendas" should be questioned.

We need to listen to political agendas, especially when they are concerned with justice, freedom, human rights, eliminating torture, oppression and war crimes etc.  The Lord is not deaf to the cries of the widow, the orphan, the sick, the sorrowful, the poor and the persecuted.

There are those who say that the Church should never be involved in politics. Well, that is a very political statement and has all sorts of political ramifications.  Christians with the support of the Church have through
political means changed society, opposed injustice and made this world a better place to live in. An apolitical position can easily maintain the status quo, and that's bad news for suffering Syrians.

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Johli Baptist said...

Evil exists when good people do nothing.

Johli Baptist said...

Evil exists when good people do nothing.


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