Tuesday, 12 June 2012

We all make mistakes, even the Camerons

We should all take heed lest we fall, falter and fail.  The Camerons made a mistake that thousands, perhaps millions, have made throughout history.  Yes, they mislaid or lost a child temporarily.  Sometimes it leads to tragedy, as in the Bulger case, but often decent folk help anxious parents to find and locate missing children.
The Camerons evidently thought their child was safe and with the other parent.  She was, in fact, in the pub restaurant toilet.  The Plough in Cadsden, Buckinghamshire, will now do a roaring trade as media, public and the curious descend on it at this time of fame.  The publicity will do the pub restaurant no harm at all.  The Plough will be well known as a good place for a family meal, and good enough for the Prime Minister and his family to patronize when they are at Chequers.

We should not be too harsh on the Camerons, but remember that Mary and Joseph, the parents of Jesus, failed to stop a twelve year old from slipping away from their group.   Jesus remained in Jerusalem with the learned scholars, while His parents anxiously tried to locate Him.   Luke's Gospel relates the incident in chapter two, verses 41 to 52.

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