Friday, 15 June 2012

Supreme Spanish soccer players spank the Irish 4-0

Yesterday evening in Gdansk, Poland, the Spanish football team easily defeated the Republic of Ireland team, as expected, by four goals to nil.  At times the Irish defended valiantly, and their supporters sang and cheered heartily, but team was out of its depth. The Irish squad lacks quality players, particularly in midfield. Spain has an abundance of talented midfield players. Not one member of the Irish squad would be able to challenge for a place in the Spanish team, had they been eligible.  The Irish did not run out of luck; they were lucky not to be thrashed by a greater margin.  They could not score a goal during the match and they will now progress no further in the Euro 2012 finals.  This weak Irish team is the worst in the competition; they were woeful against a great side full of class players, which the Irish clearly lack.

Spain, on the other hand, look set to do well.  Fernando Torres looked sharp, and his performance must give him confidence.  He scored two goals, which showed his pace and shooting ability.  Torres was preferred to Cesc Fabrigas for the starting line up, but Fabrigas came on later to score a great goal; his shot hit the netting with immense power.

Spain and Germany are now favourites to win Euro 2012.


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