Thursday, 14 June 2012

Farewell dear Harry, Highly Honoured Hotspur Manager

It is very sad to hear that 'Arry is leaving Tottenham Hotspur.  It was a shock when I heard about it on the BBC news last night.  Harry Redknapp was, as the records show, a high successful manager at Spurs. He will be sorely missed.  There are not many football managers, past and present, of the high calibre of Harry, proclaimed as Harry Hotspur.  Harry really made a difference.  His skills of man management and motivating players, sometimes players lacking confidence, fitness and form, were exceptional.

As a Spurs fan since the 1950s, remembering the Bill Nicholson era and the Glory, Glory Days, I am feeling  sad to think that next season Harry will not be sitting on the manager's seat by the Tottenham bench.   Some Tottenham managers have returned.  I hope Harry will be another one.  But for now, farewell, dear Harry. Bon avenir!

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