Monday, 12 March 2012

The Afghan Project is doomed to failure

With relations between the Afghan community and the coalition forces at a very low point, and the trust between the Afghan security personnel and NATO at a critically low ebb, it would be better for NATO forces to withdraw as soon as possible.  Matters are much worse than they were at the end of last year.  There is a tremendous hatred of foreign forces and interference, and now there has been a dreadful and tragic massacre of innocent civilians. The recent Koran burning by US forces has fuelled the hatred. The damage is probably beyond repair.

The Afghan project will fail because it is built on false foundations.  Military action will not make our society safer.  The reverse now seems to be true.  Resentment, bitterness and anger now exists.  Neutrals are considering supporting the Taliban and insurgents.   It seems that the hatred has increased despite years of work, deployment of troops, expensive equipment and spending vast sums of money.  Sadly we currently have very little to show for the 404 deaths of British service personnel.  We will never be able to replace the many civilians who have died in this tragic conflict.

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