Friday, 24 February 2012


This afternoon I spent some happy hours at Wormingford on the Suffolk Essex county boundary and by the Stour Valley Path.  The weather was particularly clement for February.  There was a touch of Spring in the air and the snowdrops were out in style.

Snowdrops near the Church of St Andrew, Wormingford

Masses of snowdrops further down the Stour Valley Path at Wormingford

The Reader is also a writer, the famous author, poet and editor Ronald Blythe. I have read his delightful and widely acclaimed book Akenfield and I enjoyed the film it inspired, directed by Sir Peter Hall, though some critics gave this evocative and touching film bad reviews. I'm currently reading Word from Wormingford  and  I bought a copy of John Nash at Wormingford from the church bookstall today.

The Church of St Andrew Wormingford

Church House, Wormingford

The leaning church wall at Wormingford is very distinctive

Lectern at St Andrew's, Wormingford

Lady Chapel and pulpit at St Andrew's, Wormingford

Piscina and sedilia at St Andrew's, Wormingford

Interior of St Andrew's Church, Wormingford

Stained glass window showing Christ with Mary and Martha (Luke's Gospel 10: 38-42) at St Andrew's Church, Wormingford

St Andrew's Church, Wormingford: Christ with the Samaritan woman at the well (John's Gospel  chapter 4)

The delightful bookstall at St Andrew's Wormingford

St Andrew's Wormingford: tower and south porch

     Views across the Stour Valley with Stoke by Nayland church in the background. The church seemed to glow this afternoon in the bright late February sunlight. At times the sun appeared to shine dramatically on the beautiful tower above the distant trees.

Across the fields to Bures

Countryside around Wormingford from the Stour Valley Path.

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