Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Well done Derek Jeter, a baseball legend in the New York Yankees #2 shirt

Derek Sanderson Jeter has achieved greatness in baseball with over 3,000 hits.  His career began in 1995 and since then DSJ has a batting average of .313; DSJ celebrated the great milestone of joining the 3,000 hit club on 9 July with a home run at Yankee Stadium.  It is a remarkable success. Lou Gehrig, Babe Ruth and Mickey Mantle all scored over two thousand hits but DSJ broke the three thousand barrier, the first NY Yankee to do so.  It has been reached only 27 times before in the history of Major League Baseball.  The record number of hits is held by Pete Rose (4,256).

Derek Jeter has been a great servant of the New York Yankees in the American League.  He is impressive when fielding at shortstop, using his reach (he stands 6' 3"), speed and skill in catching and throwing accurately.

I have been a fan of the New York Yankees since 1964, when I watched the World Series on television in Canada.  Sadly the New York Yankees lost to the St Louis Cardinals, and Yogi Berra was sacked as manager.  Many people wear the classic New York Yankees baseball cap, but few in the UK have ever seen them play or know about Derek Jeter.  When he retires his famous number 2 shirt will also be retired.


Chris Hall said...

I bought a NY cap in 1993 and was determined to find out more about it. Since then I have fallen in love with baseball and support the Yankees too. Glad to find another Britsh baseball fan!

Reverend John Race alias Johli Baptist said...

Thanks for your comment Chris.

Derek Jeter is certain to be inducted into the Hall of Fame. He's one of best ever players, and I've seen him play in Toronto. The Yankees won, but DSJ did not have a particularly good day.

The NY cap must be the most popular baseball cap of all. I wear the classic dark blue with white letters, but I've seen many colours (or should I say colors) and variations. I've seen striped ones and others with different shapes.


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