Saturday, 16 July 2011

Syria, a country in crisis

Syria is a country in crisis.  The protests are getting larger and more vociferous, but the killings by security forces and murderous thugs continue.  These armed bully boys are brutalizing the common people. There have been waves upon waves of angry demonstrations against the Assad regime.  Rebellion is in the air, but the repression is fuelling the resentment and bitterness. Bashar the Basher cannot pretend to be mister nice guy who wants to bring reform and renewal, when he allows the madmen to roam the streets and shot to kill at random.  Brutality by the bullet is completely unacceptable.  The people realize this so they are calling for Basher al Assad to go.  They do not accept his contention that the troubles are caused by saboteurs and terrorists.  His armed thugs and vicious secret policemen are the terrorists, committing crimes on the Syrian streets.

Amnesty International is doing sterling work to stop the bloodshed.  May God help them in their important mission.  They have evidence of torture and murder by the current repressive regime.  Blood is on the hands of the President of Syria and his associates.  Decent dissenters and determined dissidents are dying.

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