Sunday, 12 June 2011

Pray for the serious situation in Syria

We need to pray for the serious situation in Syria where refugees are leaving the land to go to refugee camps in neighbouring countries.  Helicopter gunships have been firing on the civilian population.  There is a humanitarian crisis because medical aid and hospital treatment are needed by injured people and those suffering from the violence of the brutal Assad regime.

O Lord, please hear the cries of the afflicted, the wounded, the wanderers on the borders, the refugees, the bereaved, the sick and the sorrowing. Make haste to help them and send assistance to deal with their needs.
I pray for justice and for action against the shameful Assadian reign of terror.  It is time for regime change, and for Assad and his criminal cohorts to be brought to trial for their heinous crimes.

O Lord, in Your mercy, bring justice and help to the Syrian people. Amen.

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