Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Does Basher Assad's sad speech show that he is a sad ass?

Robert Fisk has written that Bashar al-Assad's latest speech was sad and ridiculous, showing him to be out of touch with the people and the reality of the sadness of the many bereaved Syrians.  They are grieving over the cruel murders on the streets of Syria by armed gangs and special forces.

Protesters are rioting on the streets of Damascus and other cities.  There is no turning back.  The waves of discontent and rebellion will eventually overwhelm and remove this dictatorship; human rights, the freedom of the press and democratic politics are all denied to the oppressed people.  The toothpaste is now out of the tube and the Basher cannot stop the tides of change and opposition to his evil reign of terror.  Assad's response is asinine.  His days are numbered; the writing is on the wall.  He will have to go, for he has been weighed in the balances and found wanting. Bashar is responsible ultimately for the evil  bloodshed on the streets and in the towns and cities.  He has done evil in the sight of the Lord and has not walked in the ways of righteousness.  There is a lack of justice, mercy, and humility before God and the people. The House of Assad will fall.  The people are saying "No to dialogue with murderers."

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