Thursday, 23 June 2011

Getting out of Afghanistan and Libya

UK politicians are coming to their senses in realizing that we cannot afford to fight these wars in Afghanistan and Libya, fighting on two fronts and costing the British taxpayer a fortune when our economy is in deep trouble through debt and serious inflation.

The Afghan war cannot be won through military intervention, weapons and the current ways of our warfare.  British forces and NATO will leave without winning, though politicians and pundits may try to spin a positive line and use persuasive propaganda.  The military investment in Afghanistan has been an expensive waste of money, men and munitions.  Too many civilians have died tragically.  Day after day foolish and costly decisions have been made and fine young men and women have been sacrificed.

Bring the troops home and let's spend the money on the NHS. Fighting for a better life at home for many sick and suffering would be money well spent.  So much has been wasted on weapons and warfare. It's  time to wake up and call time on this Afghan failure.

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