Sunday, 27 March 2011

A "No Cuts" Policy is economic folly

Vince Cable, a man of considerable economic understanding, has defended the cuts and will not shift his political stance concerning the cuts.  The cuts are necessary and the "No Cuts" policy of Mark Serwotka, apparently a man of little economic understanding, offers no viable alternative.  Difficult decisions with cuts are clearly ahead.  We should therefore have more confidence in Vince Cable than Mark Serwotka when it comes to economic policy.

We should be very glad that the extreme left wing elements, that do not grasp simple economic realities, have very little influence when it comes to choosing a Government or running the country or sorting out our serious national debt.  Serwotka et al speak for a small minority when it comes to making cuts.  Many of his union members do not share his political views at all.  They voted for mainstream political parties who believe in cuts.  Planet Serwotka is a bizarre place to inhabit; it's a fantasy world.

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