Thursday, 24 March 2011

Muddle-headed Metropolitan Police messed up the early apprehension of Delroy Grant

It has come to light that shoddy work by the Metropolitan Police allowed a serial sex offender to continue a reign of terror for years in south London.  The shameful errors of the Met in apprehending sex offenders have cost millions of pounds, terrible suffering by victims and hours of extra police time.  Had officers done their jobs properly then Delroy Grant and others would have been caught years ago.  This is certainly true in the Kirk Reid case, which Deborah Glass (the IPCC Commissioner) said was a "shameful chapter in the history of the Metropolitan Police Service."  The John Warboys case is yet another dreadful episode in the Met's hall of shame.  These cases have come to light. One wonders how many others cases have been botched and mismanaged by the Met.

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