Thursday, 31 March 2011

Arthur Carver's book on eschatology: The Great Consummation

I have very happy memories of Rev. Arthur Carver (when he helped London Bible College at Northwood, now LST, with maintenance duties) and regret not buying a copy of his book The Great Consummation from him. At the time my pre-millennial prejudice prevented me.  I have found some of this book posted on a blogsite

 but finding a complete copy of this rare book was difficult.  I contacted the library London School of Theology (LST) and found that they have a copy.  I will be going back to my alma mater soon and will enjoy reading Arthur's book.

Arthur was once an Elim Pentecostal minister, but his amillennial views on eschatology did not fit in with the doctrinal basis of Elim, which was then very staunchly pre-millennialist, so Arthur had to resign.  Many LBC students in my day remember hearing Arthur's hymn singing as he worked.  He was a lovely man of God.


Anonymous said...

I came across Arthur Carver's book The Great Consummation quite a number of years ago. I bought four of them and handed them out. I wish I had kept one now. I wonder if this book could be printed on the internet for all believers to read?

Stephen said...

Hi I have this work in a PDF, you can go down to "Staples" and have a copy run off, reasonable price.
Drop us a line: pdf(at)

Johli Baptist said...

Please see my blog of 19 April 2012 where there is a hyperlink for the book.

Costas said...

I'm absolutely certain that I came across an on-line copy, possibly as a pdf download, some 2-3 years ago. Dunno if it's still there - the site might have been taken down since if the owner didn't keep up with the pymts to the hosting company. I'll conduct a search to see if I can find it again and report back here if I do, coz I know of a few ppl who might well be interested.

I would have to agree tho that it is arguably the most powerful refutation of the literalistic school of interpretation penned to date. Just a shame there are not more extant copies in a better quality format.

Costas said...

Almost the whole book is still available here:

Unfortunately, it's not a flawless copy. There are a lot of typos, and Some of the footnotes are missing. Otherwise, it's pretty much all there for those who are interested.

Costas said...
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