Sunday, 5 December 2010

The Russian World Cup bid win makes sense, but Qatar stinks!

I can understand that there are good reasons for Russia hosting the World Cup in 2018, but I agree completely with Mark Lawrenson and Jonathan Pearce that the 2022 choice of Qatar is an absolute joke.  Qatar does not have the infrastructure, the tradition or the suitable weather conditions.  Please tell me the name of one quality side or player from Qatar. Can you name one?  Australia makes far more sense.  But it is not the best bid from a footballing point of view that wins; it is the one that suits the corrupt and untrustworthy FIFA officials.  The money and the wealth are doing the talking.  And you can bet that certain geriatric FIFA officials will do very nicely out of the Qatar deal. FIFA has still not yet full embraced 21st century technology for goal line decisions and that is a disgrace.

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