Saturday, 4 December 2010

The Priesthood of All Believers

The doctrine of the priesthood of all believers is precious to many Bapists and those who hold to certain Reformed doctrines against the tyranny of priests, pontiffs and prelates.  It is not an assertion of ecclesiastical anarchy but the recognition of an every member ministry. It does not mean that all are called to preach or lead, but it encourages every believer to exercise the ministry, the realm of service to which God has called them, be it administration, evangelism, pastoral care, teaching, prophesy, or hospitality.  We all have a role to play in Christ and by the Holy Spirity we can discover what God has given us to use in His service.

The key passage concerning the doctrine of the priesthood of all believers in 1 Peter 2: 1-12, particularly verses 5 and 9.

As priests of God all believers are to exercise their ministry and service for God with responsibility and with an understanding of accountability.  We are accountable to God and His people.

Ministry then brings responsibility and accountability.

We bring to God our worship, our sacrifices of praise and gifts.  We are all called upon to make the ultimate sacrifice of giving their lives to God. for we are not our own we have been bought with a price, and for some that means laying down our lives as martyrs.  A martyr is a witness in death. 

We are here on earth to serve as good and faithful servants.

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