Thursday, 16 December 2010

Over £12 billion has been spent on the Afghan War.

The cost of the war in Afghanistan is well over £12 billion and we have little to show for it.  Propagandists try to tell us otherwise but show us precious little evidence of progress and gains. Troops are dying on a regular basis. Over 340 military personnel have died in this conflict. The enemy continues to plant bombs and maim soldiers.  Then there is the cost of lost lives, many innocent civilian deaths, destruction, casualties, corruption, profiteering and war crimes.  There have been many failures that we are not told about.  Can we calculate these costs? We are told that there is not enough money for student fees and university courses, yet we can find the money to continue this wicked war.  John Pilger's recent documentary The War You Don't See (broadcast on ITV, Tuesday 14/12/10 at 10.35 p.m.) reveals of litany of lies by politicians, world leaders and the media.

The military war in Afghanistan is a disgraceful waste of money, lives and effort.  It was badly conceived, being without a clear exit strategy and long term planning.  It looks like an act of aggression and therefore an unjustified intervention. It will create more hostility, greater danger and acts of terrorism. What a mess! What a quagmire! The Afghan problem will not be solved by military action.

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