Saturday, 6 March 2010

FIFA Folly

FIFA, the Football world governing body, has stated that modern technology will not be used to determine whether or not a football has crossed the goal line at this year's World Cup Finals in South Africa.  This is sheer stupity when the game has needed this technology for years. It is used successfully in Cricket and other major sports but FIFA wishes to stay in the 20th century.  So much can depend on the correct decision.  Thousands and thousands of pounds can rest on an incorrect decision.  Today we saw a decision clearly go against Birmingham City in their important FA Cup quarter final game against Portsmouth when the ball had clearly crossed the line. The referee and linesman got in wrong, just like the FIFA officials. The referee made an error, a clear mistake,revealed by modern techology, that could have been avoided.  Sadly at this time stupid FIFA officials have made a clear mistake, but time will show how wrong they are.  One day we shall have the technology that the game deserves. Let's hope it comes soon.

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