Monday, 1 February 2010

Learning the lessons of history in Afghanistan

Does not history teach us that foreign invaders cannot win and overcome resistance in Afghanistan?
The mighty Russian army failed and now it looks like coalition forces will fail there too.  The insurgency maintains its support and many Afghans will never accept interference by foreigners and perceived unbelievers.  The insurgents are very committed and will fight to their deaths, even welcoming martyrdom.  They earnestly wish to kill American soldiers.  The threat of more invaders helps recruitment.  How long will this conflict continue?  The quagmire sucks more and more into its deadly grip. Enough is enough, but still the Western forces pour in more money and more troops.  There is little evidence of progress; in fact the opposite seems to be true. The West cannot win using its existing strategy. We should learn the lessons of history and leave Afghanistan to the Afghans.


ZebInCanada said...

Dear John Race,
I agree that the strategy in pursuing the conflict in Afghanistan reveals illogic. Have you read "Three Cups of Tea"? I've heard there is work to do, but not with arms but rather with helping minds.

Your photo selection was very enjoyable. We may try to visit some of the locations in Britain or elsewhere on a holiday in the future.

Reverend John Race alias Johli Baptist said...

Thanks ZebInCanada for your comments.

I intend to read "Three Cups of Tea" very shortly. It is certainly on my reading list!

I'm glad you enjoyed my photographs.
You may enjoy my videos of Wales on YouTube under the name of johlibaptist.


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