Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Hell in Helmand? More hardship ahead for British troops

British troops expect to continue fighting in Helmand province for another five years.  Over 250 service personnel have died and the situation is predicted to get worse before it gets any better.  I wonder if we will see any improvement in the next five years.   I really doubt it.

Casualties and deaths will certaintly increase.  The violence could intensify this summer, according to US military sources.  The country is very unstable, even after our involvement over the past eight years.  It is hoped that things will improve over the next five years, but this may well be a vain hope and false expectation.  A bright future for the Afghan people is not assured by any means.  The UK is contributing around 10,000 troops and that is over 50 per cent more than Germany.  In fact we send more troops than Germany and France combined.  The Afghan Army totals over 97,000.  It should be for them, with assistance, to sort out the mess in their own country.

There is talk that the leading insurgents, which means Taleban backed fighters and certain warlords, are to receive hundreds of millions of pounds, i.e. loads and loads of money, in what amounts to bribes to stop them fighting.  That will enrage war widows, the wounded, relatives of the fallen and many others on meagre allowances, poor pay and parsimonious pensions.  It would be outrageous to see a great deal of money going to criminals, terrorists and bandits.  Perhaps it has already happened.  Would it surprise you?

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