Saturday, 21 January 2017

Reasons to be fearful, perhaps tearful

Phobias are said to be irrational fears. Sometimes the word phobia is added to a noun to mean "hatred" or opposition to, rather than irrational fear.

Now Christians in some places in this world have good reasons to be fearful of certain groups and fanatics, crazy people who claim to want peace but, in fact, act in a violent and murderous manner.
There too many workers of iniquity, those who think that they are servants of God, acting on God's behalf, but they are, in fact, serving Satan. They are in a dreadful state, Intensely Satanic.

I have some rational questions for certain followers of a so-called religion of peace:
1). Do you believe in the death penalty for apostates?
2). Do you believe that women are inferior to men?
3). Do you believe that laws should be passed to prohibit the manufacture and sale of alcohol?
4). Do you wish to see sharia law implemented in this land?
5).Do you think that it is wrong to question and to evaluate critically what has been written in the Quran?
6). Do you believe in free speech and freedom of religion, even if the speech and religion criticize your core beliefs?

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