Monday, 23 January 2017

Aye, it was a Burns Night to remember

Last Saturday there was a celebration at North Street Halls in Hornchurch, a Burns Night. Aye, it was a night to remember. On a very cold January night there was warmth and a good spirit of fellowship. And talking of spirit, well the whisky flowed. People enjoyed the drinks and the drams of their choice.

It was good to have Liz with me, my dear designated driver, who does not partake of anything alcoholic. Liz, currently church secretary at Hornchurch Baptist, was raised in the Welsh teetotal temperance chapel tradition. The lady I sat next to once worked for Bill Sawtell, the former estate agent and erstwhile church secretary at Romford Baptist Church. He never drank any alcohol. His younger son conducted our marriage ceremony, and his older son, sadly deceased, was a Rugby blue at my Oxford college. It's a small world.

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