Friday, 4 September 2015

Refugee crises

I have often wondered why the so called Islamic world is not offering to do much more for their fellow Muslims. Why are not Mecca, Medina, Islamabad and other sacred Islamic places the choice destinations for these refugees? There are very wealthy Gulf states with the means of funding the charitable agencies and needs of these suffering migrants. Charity, alms and helping the poor are basic requirements in Islam. I hope we will see some zakat going to these refugees.

Those who undertake dangerous sea voyages and trips in unseaworthy craft must take some responsibility for their journeys and the welfare of their families. The image of the drowned toddler has been used by the media to shame the EU. But any parent must take into account the risks, dangers and potential outcome of any trip. Responsible parents weigh up the situation and make their own risk assessment. Teachers and youth workers do it all the time. It is tragic and truly heart breaking to think that the father who lost his sons and wife at sea made such a costly and disastrous decision. He will have to live with that agony for the rest of his life. The owners of the unseaworthy boat should be found, named, shamed and severely punished.

The EU did not attack the town where this family lived. They were not forced to board this unseaworthy vessel by EU representatives. If we are to play the blame game, then it surely lies with the false ideologies in the Middle East and with those who caused the conflict in Syria.


Johli Baptist said...
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Johli Baptist said...

Lord Carey has written a really challenging and perceptive article in The Sunday Telegraph today.
The persecution of Syrian Christians has been appalling. Many British Christian would willingly open their hearts, homes and churches to them. Others would, however, wish to help them stay in the Middle East and to find sanctuary close to their homeland and eventually in their homeland.

Air strikes may not be the best way forward, but it may look like the best available option in the current situation. The UN should do more, but that's not going to happen when Russia has so much invested in the Assad regime and warm water ports in Syria.


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