Sunday, 5 July 2015

Love your neighbour as yourself?

How does loving your neighbour work out in practice, in today's society? Well, one way is to show care and consideration to the needs of the elderly, the infirm, the weak and the vulnerable who live in our street, community and area.

Car parking can be a real problem in busy streets and roads with no driveways and front garden parking.  Sometimes there are troubles, tensions and tantrums over parking in these areas. It is, therefore, sad to see selfish and inconsiderate parking which makes life difficult for carers of the needy by creating parking problems and by preventing these carers/drivers from parking, delivering, helping and dropping off these needy residents and neighbours.

This selfish arrangement certainly causes conflict and controversy.

13 July
I saw the same arrangement again this evening.

Jesus said that you should love our neighbour as yourself.  I should share the verse in New Testament Greek, which the family responsible for this arrangement would understand.

 Ἀγαπήσεις τὸν πλησίον σου ὡς σεαυτόν. 

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