Friday, 31 July 2015

Immigration and needed legislation

We see many migrants in Calais taking considerable risks to reach the UK. Despite travelling through countries and across continents, they want to settle illegally in England; they believe jobs, accommodation and opportunities are readily available. The grim reality is very different.  Gangsters and criminal elements are ready to exploit them and make their lives miserable.  In the UK there is a surplus of unskilled labour and housing is very limited indeed.

Legislation is needed to prevent migrants from travelling illegally through countries in order to choose or enter the country that most appeals to them. Theses migrants should be enjoined to apply for asylum in the first EU country that they enter, if they are claiming political asylum or sanctuary.
I suspect that the majority, a substantial majority, are economic migrants who have no concern, care or cultural comprehension about their ultimate destination. They want the benefits and blessings of a country that they have no love for, but they wish to get money and jobs even if it means breaking laws and disrespecting the established culture.

Some migrants are very needy people who have suffered greatly as a result of political, religious and ethnic turmoil. They need help from charities, communities and compassionate people. They should never regard the UK as some sort of world job, health and social benefits service or welfare facility. This crisis calls for an international solution which looks at the root causes and prevents unnecessary suffering.  The people smugglers, slave traders, dodgy migrant transporters and  unscrupulous merchants who deal in human misery must be arrested and brought to justice.  They must be stopped as soon as possible as they have made money immorally. They are really wicked gangsters and callous criminals without concern, care and compassion.

1 August 2015

In the USA, in some states, people without visible means of support and money are arrested and put to work on chain gangs. Chain gangs may not be the best way forward, but putting them to work on various projects must be better than their current soul destroying existence.


Anonymous said...

Some of these migrants could be thieves, criminals, offenders and dangerous people with all kinds of problems; the British may need to be protected from them. It is very expensive to vet, clear and process these people who manage to gain illegal entry to the UK. Perhaps the Roman Catholic Church, which has considerable land and resources could help.

Anonymous said...

WE used to deport criminals to Australia. Is there somewhere for them to go, some remote island where they can have a peaceful life? It is costing a fortune to police, contain and constrain them.
Floating cities and hulks/sea vessels may be an answer for some of these migrants.


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