Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Total war on The Pusher man

The executions of drug traffickers in Indonesia have been controversial, and there are many moral questions raised by hard drug crime and capital punishment. It has been said that the death penalty is not really a penalty because it takes the recipient right out of the game.

Some see the execution of the Bali 8 as barbaric and cruel, but others have no sympathy for these dealers in death and misery. There is considerable debate in the Australian press about the death sentence carried out on two of their citizens. One writer mentions that sympathy should be reserved for the many families who have lives torn apart by drugs.

President Widodo known as Jokowi has declared war on the drug traffickers and refuses to give way on his firm stance in support of capital punishment for those involved in hard drug crime.  Perhaps he has been influenced by the lyrics of The Pusher, made famous by Steppenwolf and also by the cult film Easy Rider.
            If I were the president of this land
You know I'd declare total war on The Pusher man
I'd cut him if he stands, and I'd shoot him if he'd run
Yes I'd kill him with my Bible and my razor and my gun.

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Anonymous said...

Apparently Lutfur Rahman is supported by Len McCluskey of Unite, known as loony lefty Len McCluskey.


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