Saturday, 25 April 2015

Robber Rahman played the race and religion card

It is really bad form to play the race and religion card to defend corruption, deceit and daylight robbery.Looking at reports in the national press it is a disgrace that Lutfur Rahman was able to cheat, engage in ballot rigging, bribe, forge postal votes, lie and rob Tower Hamlets of funds. This stinks!

Hats off to Andy Erlam, Angela Moffat, Azmal Hussein and Debbie Simone for challenging the corrupt practices of the former Mayor of Tower Hamlets. They risked a hefty legal bill, but the election commissioner Judge Richard Mawrey, Q.C., found in their favour and now Rahman faces bankruptcy. Rahman "proved himself almost pathologically incapable of giving a straight answer."


Johli Baptist said...

Even local Muslims, especially those who were not from the Bangladeshi community, were against Rahman's dishonesty and illegal use of public funds. The evidence clearly established the dreadful state of affairs in Tower Hamlets and it was based on truth, justice and legality. Rahman and his political and trade union supporters still wish to play the Islamophobia card.

Anonymous said...

Lutfur Rahman was supported by Len McCluskey of Unite, known as loony lefty Len McCluskey.


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