Friday, 3 October 2014

Islamic State sinks to devilish depths of degradation

This latest act of brutality by Islamic State in killing an aid worker, who was involved in acts of kindness and charity, will increase British resolve to contend against these forces of darkness.  More funds, effort and energy will be employed in the fight to defeat this evil foe. The death of Mr Henning has been widely and rightly condemned by Muslim leaders.  Many had been appealing for his life to be spared and for compassion to be shown to this good man.  This latest act of barbarism will increase and strengthen the opposition to their cause.


Johli Baptist said...

I understand that this murderous act goes completely against Islamic legal codes as Alan Henning was under the protection, care and hospitality of Muslim aid workers.

Anonymous said...

Do you have a comment concerning this?? You have written about it before.....

Johli Baptist said...

Dear Anonymous

I have now read and reflected on the cautionary tale that you have mentioned. This is a really sad account of spiritual abuse and dreadful pastoral care. I have written my comments in the appropriate section of the blog.


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