Friday, 19 September 2014

Best practice for Baptist ministers on retirement

A Baptist minister told me that when he retired he would follow the example of those ministers who when they retired would keep well away from the area where they last ministered.   This is best practice. It is not right to hang around and to be in a position to interfere with the newly appointed ministry.  This happened, in fact, at least twice in Essex, as retired ministers still remained active in those areas where they worked. It is right to keep well away, to put some distance from the former flock.

Those who made efforts to carry out appropriate actions and put certain procedures in place were commended.   A former regional minister and a well known former Baptist Union president were praised for their ways.

And did the retiring minister put much distance from his former flock?  He agreed to engage in ministerial duties just a few miles away, in the same borough, where some members live right in his former area of ministry!

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