Thursday, 17 April 2014

Lovely day away at Wakehurst Place, Kew at Wakehurst, East Sussex

It is delightful to be out in the countryside on a beautiful Spring day when the sun shines and the weather is clement. I enjoyed a lovely day at Wakehurst Place, the Royal Botanic Gardens, in East Sussex, known as Kew at Wakehurst.

                                The Millennium Seed Bank is a star attraction

 It is the most visited National Trust property in England. I thought that accolade would go to some of the historic houses, such as Chartwell or Waddesdon Manor, but Wakehurst Place, Kew at Wakehurst, is at the top of the league for visitors.  The changes in the car parking fees may well reduce some of the visits by deterring some visitors.

Like Kew Gardens in West London there is so much to see. Really it justifies more than one visit, and plenty of energy to cover the grounds.

I took some photographs and while I am quite pleased with the results, they do not adequately show the sheer beauty and splendour of the grounds.

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