Saturday, 19 April 2014

Learning lessons on evangelism from the Acts of the Apostles

Recently I and a few other church members have been meeting in a small group on Wednesdays. We have been studying the Acts of the Apostles and specifically learning about evangelism and evangelistic methods in this book of the Bible, and looking at other related passages in the New Testament.

 In my preparation I found the attached link very helpful, challenging and edifying:

I agree with the author, Thom S Rainer, that Michael Green's book, Evangelism in the Early Church, is essential reading for those who are interested in learning about evangelism in the Acts of the Apostles.

I am grateful to all concerned for making Thom's work, Church Growth and Evangelism in the Book of Acts, available on the internet/web. May God continue to bless Thom's ministry and scholarship.

I hope to share my theological reflections on evangelistic methods in the Acts of the Apostles in due course, DV.

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