Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Nigeria: neonatal concerns - Dr Hippolite Amadi

Readers of this blog may have read my concerns and comments about aspects of church ministries led by Nigerian preachers, both  in the UK and in Nigeria.  Dubious practices, dodgy dealings and downright dishonesty seem to be prevalent, though I am aware of some very sound and sincerely sanctified saints of God extending the Kingdom of God and teaching valuable truths from the Scriptures, here and abroad in West Africa.

It is, therefore, a privilege to know and to support Dr Hippolite Amadi, a research fellow at Imperial College, London, who travels frequently to Nigeria, his homeland, to develop neonatal clinics and best practice.

Hippolite initiated the ideas of recycled incubator techniques (RIT) in Nigeria, researched and developed the systems and procedures that presently apply, and conducts training of clinicians, nurses and technicians in the application of tropical neonatal thermoneutrality. He dedicates up to 50% of his professional endeavours as Visiting Consultant to over 15 Nigerian tertiary hospitals. A recent study of tertiary hospitals in Nigeria shows that Dr Hippolite Amadi’s RIT and consultancies have led to over 30% average neonatal survival in the hospitals as compared to the situations when there was no RIT in place. He has trained over 800 Nigerian doctors and nurses on the courses entitled ‘Paediatrics Incubation Technique’. He has designed, developed and commercialised over ten medical and laboratory systems for low income economies such as neonatal resuscitaires, incubators, photorad, laboratory centrifuges, blood mixers, waterbaths etc.
This paragraph comes from his Imperial College webpage.

Praise the Lord for this valuable work in Nigeria.  Give thanks to God that He has good and faithful servants who do not work for mammon, vain-glory and dishonest gain.

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Apologies to Hippolite for spelling his Christian name incorrectly in earlier versions.


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