Saturday, 22 March 2014

Andre Marriner, a referee all at sea! Joy for Jose, the Special One, with a special win

Oh dear, it was a bad day for Arsenal going down 6-0 to Chelsea at Stamford Bridge. It was a bad day on the pitch for the referee who made a truly horrendous error in sending off the wrong player.  Andre Marriner's performance was woefully poor throughout the game, so his services will not be required in Brazil.
The crowd, in fine voice, were telling him so.

Marriner was completely at sea when he hesitated to make a decision when Oxlade-Chamberlain handled the ball in his team's penalty area. When he did make a decision he allowed Gibbs, the Arsenal left full back, to be sent off. It was hard to believe that a Premiership referee, who was close to the incident, was capable of making such an incompetent decision.

It was clearly the wrong decision, seen by millions live on BT Sport.  Technology should be used as it is in tennis, cricket and rugby, so that we are spared these howlers. We are in the 21st century, but association football still fails to put in place what really needs to be done with available technologies.

It was a joyful day for Jose Mourinho, known as the Special One. His team had a very special win today. 

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Johli Baptist said...

Jose Mourinho says that he admires Arsene Wenger, but he does not stay around to shake his hand when the match ends. Is Jose too special, especially when he wins, to do that?

Michael Owen, commentating on BT Sport, was not impressed.

Jose's explanation on BBC's Match of the Day was ridiculously absurd.


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