Monday, 16 July 2012

Further reflections on the Syrian situation

Diplomatic solutions have failed to bring peace and security to the Syrian people.  Talk and rhetoric do not solve the problems when the evil dictatorship remains in place and in power to oppress and murder opposition activists. Men of blood and violence have done evil deeds in the name of security and order, but they are responsible for murder, mayhem and malpractice. Lawlessness is rife. Some people are suffering a hell on earth in the cities of Syria today.

The Syrian people do not need words and talk; they need protection, provisions and peace.  The economy is in a dreadful mess. Death stalks the streets daily, even the streets of Damascus. The people are crying out for justice, peace and righteous government.

Pray for justice to flow in Syria.  May the flow of blood and bullets come to an end. May peace return so that the people can enjoy freedom and a decent way of life, rather than death and destruction.

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