Sunday, 29 July 2012

Endgame for the House of Assad

Despite heavy weaponry and powerful friends, the House of Assad is making a brutal last stand.  The repressive regime is in its death throes.  The current edition of The Economist proclaims that it is the endgame for Bashar al Assad.  Evidence of his crimes against the Syrian people are being documented at this  terrible time in the history of Syria. Some opposition activists are calling for his removal, for criminal charges to be brought against him and for Bashar al Assad to be tried for crimes against humanity.  He is held responsible for so much bloodshed, brutality and bad leadership. Such iniquity has been carried out by his supporters.

 I expect him to come up with various lame excuses when he is eventually removed, if he manages to survive the wrath of so many opponents. Assad may, one day, complain about being badly advised. He might believe that he misunderstood the situation and did what he considered was the best way forward for the country. But there seems to be a real chance that Bashar al Assad could go the way of Mussolini and Gaddafy, dying at the hands of an angry mob. Perhaps he will go the way of Saddam Hussein, but whatever eventually happens Assad's day are numbered.  He has been weighed in the balances and found wanting.  He is a wanted man and may shortly be on the run.  His rule will come to an end, and he will face the wrath of God and the Syrian people for his evil ways.

I pray for peace for Syria, and that means that Bashar al Assad must be removed from power.  He and fellow leaders should be put on trial, to be held accountable for their heinous crimes.

Terrible times are ahead for the suffering Syrian people. The future looks very bleak indeed.  It will takes years to rebuilt and restore the devastated areas of conflict.  The grief and the bitterness will linger on.
Damascus, a great and beautiful historic city, has become a war zone experiencing dreadful destruction and chaos.  Other parts of Syria have fared much worse.  May the Lord God help them in these critical days.

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