Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Praise for Proper Pudding Company of Hintlesham, Suffolk

Yesterday I bought a triple chocolate crunch made by the Proper Pudding Company of Hintlesham, Suffolk.  It cost me £6.85 in a farm shop.  When I tried a portion in the evening I was not disappointed.  It was so very tasty.  Delicious!  I loved it. It was handmade in Suffolk.

There is very little information about Proper Pudding Company of Hintlesham, IP8 3NH, on the internet at the moment, but I wish Helen Bryce Ltd. every success.  Food this good deserves to do well and to be appreciated.


Sharon Church Secretary said...

Are all the great pudding makers all in the same area?

I have just had an amazing real cream lemon curd cheesecake from the Suffolk Pudding Company. Admittedly I didn't have to pay for it as they were visiting Christ Church URC Tonbridge to collect a cooker from us, but that just made it all the more delicious!

Oh what fun we had getting that cooker through the door and down a flight of stairs! Thanks Simon the pudding guy -from Sharon (Church secretary0

Anonymous said...

Thanks Sharon. Yes we had a great game moving the cooker, But revived by a good cup of coffee and a slice of delicious victoria spong,MMMMM

Im please you enjoyed the Merangue roulade. Ant the oven is working a treat!!

Many thanks



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