Saturday, 12 May 2012

Beauchamp Roding: beautiful church in the fields

Yesterday I visited Beauchamp Roding on a magnificent May afternoon.  The rape fields rejoiced in the midday sun.

There were pastures green, a pleasant path and a stream of full of water.  I thought about Psalm 23 and John 7:38..

 The church is isolated and peaceful.  It has no buildings around it. I understand that the Black Death struck this area, and I have come across documentary evidence of fatalities from the plague at Beauchamp Roding.  The ancient puddingstone and yew trees in the graveyard suggest a pre-Christian era, perhaps a pagan grove.  It is well known that churches were built on pagan sites and on high ground overlooking the local settlements.

St. Botolph's Church, Beauchamp Roding, Essex

From the south

The ancient puddingstone at Beauchamp Roding

The font at St Botolph's Church, Beauchamp  Roding

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