Saturday, 27 June 2009

Eastern Baptists

The Eastern Baptist Assembly took place today at Christchurch, Ipswich, Suffolk. The building was quite full, and that is very welcome in a fellowship linked to the United Reformed Church which has been in serious numerical decline in parts of the England. (In some Essex villages the URC cause seems to have a terminal prognosis. The United Reformed Church is an organization with perceptible problems; it does not seem united and its certainly not reformed from my point of view.) Certain Essex Baptist churches have closed (Ardleigh Green, Harold Hill, Mawney's to name a few), but there are some very encouraging signs of numerical and financial growth, and project development.

The seminars at the EBA were engaging and stimulating. I rejoice in the fact that Eastern Baptist wish to engage and connect with everyday folk and meet them on the high street, in the highways and byways, the ditches and the dirty places of life.

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