Friday, 12 May 2017

Ciutadella, Menorca, May 2017

I love the charm and the ambience of Old Ciutadella. I first fell in love with this ancient capital of the island in the 1970s. I arrived in a small Seat driven by my father and enjoyed wandering around the ancient quarter of the city, by the harbour and the cathedral precincts.

When I arrived in early May by public transport I was disappointed that my wife's first impression was not good. The final bus stop, at the "bus station", was an eyesore, in arguably the ugliest part of town. What a dump! The bus, number 65, stopped by really scruffy wasteland and a ramshackle building opposite urban ugliness. The toilet was in a disgusting state.

I was glad that my wife soon realized that Ciutadella was well worth visiting. The architecture is magnificent. The old, narrow streets have so much atmosphere, history and culture. It is a joy to walk down these shaded streets on a hot sunny day, during siesta time or any time.  My wife does not like the heat so she normally seeks the shade. She is not a mad dog or an English woman, so she avoids the midday sun!

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