Saturday, 8 April 2017

Does Russia wish to continue its association with the evil Assad regime?

This question keeps coming up: does Russia wish to continue to be associated with a regime, a criminal government, that uses chemical weapons on its civilian population?
Let us be clear on this. Gas attacks killed children in Syria. These vile chemical weapons came from government forces, aircraft flown by pilots loyal to Bashar al Assad. US and British intelligence agencies know that this happened. Syrian forces knew it took place. And the people in rebel areas know who is behind these chemical attacks.

So is it not about time for Russia to condemn this war criminality? If they pretend that this was not the work of Assad's forces and if they continue to support this heinous crime against humanity, then they are guilty of complicity, or not dealing with these unacceptable chemical attacks. Do they wish to stand alongside war criminals, chemical weapon users?

The Assad regime is guilty of using chemical weapons against their own people. The deaths of many civilians in Khan Sheikhoun in Idlib province must be investigated by the international community.
Justice cries out against these atrocities.

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Johli Baptist said...

Now the French are claiming that there is clear evidence that sarin was used by Assad's force against his own people. Lies were told about an explosion at a rebel munitions facility which caused the deaths by chemical weapons.

It is a disgrace. Shame on those who have used these chemical weapons which have murdered innocent civilians. Shame on the evil Assad regime, which is in the hands of war criminals.


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