Wednesday, 8 March 2017

Hornchurch Hidden Gems, far from the madding crowd

Some people park in the area around Sainsbury's and Iceland. They rush off to do their shopping, with little time to stand and stare. Little time for God in prayer. What is this life if full of care, we have not time for God in prayer?

Langtons is now linked to Fielders, so people can walk by ancient oaks and young ash trees from Boscombe Avenue and Cromer Road into Langtons and into the cultural centre of Hornchurch, right by the Queens Theatre, and Fairkytes Arts Centre.

Spring is in the air. Langtons Gardens look lovely.

And it is a hidden gem of a short walk from the little woodland area by the cricket pitch and then into Langtons.

 It is a lovely place of peace, though I have sometimes been disturbed by aggressive barking dogs with unpleasant handlers. Thankfully it is rare, but some owners allow their pets to poo all over the cricket pitch, which has been a sort of dog toilet. A most unpleasant experience for cricketers and council workers.

Personally I preferred the wilder woodland area in Fielders, but it is more accessible now and more people are enjoying their morning strolls across by the cricket pitch and into Langtons en route to Hornchurch town centre.

The gardens are splendid at all times of the year. The recent improvements reveal a lot of hard work and effort.


John Plater said...

Hi John

Last year you were very disappointed with the situation at Fielders. Presumably you now feel very happy with the work that has been carried out?

Johli Baptist said...

I am, in fact, very unhappy with the work carried out in Fielders, which includes some fencing close to the cricket pavilion. Land that belonged exclusively to Fielders has been unrighteously acquired and fenced off for a car park. Some local residents would say stolen by Havering Council. There are documents which show the exact boundaries. These have been blatantly disregarded. In due course this contention will be presented to the Ombudsman.

John Plater said...

I would have thought that Fielders belonged to the Council, as it was effectively public land.

Johli Baptist said...
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Johli Baptist said...

You may think that, and Havering Council have acted as if it is their land, but Mr Fielder left it to the people of Hornchurch, local residents, with very clear conditions and stipulations. These have been ignored at times, definitely flouted. At one time there was a licensed bar in the pavilion, strictly against Fielder's will. The land was clearly designated as a cricket pitch, and the area was established as land distinct from Langtons. Original, primary source, documents have been conveniently misinterpreted.


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