Monday, 6 February 2017

Seattle, a city that has so much going for it despite the weather.

Seattle was great. It was better than I had expected. I fell in love with it. One of my favourite movies was filmed there. Not Sleepless in Seattle, but the disturbing political thriller The Parallax View. (And I'm still trying to figure out the meaning of parallax.) I was thrilled to go to the top of the Sky Pod, ride the monorail, see the flagship Starbucks, visit the Farmers Market, eat the tasty seafood, dine in fine restaurants, walk around the Dale Chihuly exhibits, take a boat trip around the harbour, and enjoy a few hours at the Museum of Pop Culture, though I should have paid extra for the special Star Trek exhibition. Beam me back in time, Scotty!

Chihuly works of genius

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