Sunday, 15 May 2016

People may not wish to hear this but UK lives are at risk

There are illegal entrants to the UK who are smuggled into this country and they become involved in criminal activity. Some manage to get here with false documentation and fake identities. Immigration officers are concerned that some serious international gangsters, terrorists, organized crime bosses and crime syndicate foot soldiers are gaining entry into the UK. We should be worried. Because some of these undesirable immigrants end up in our prisons. Fact. I should know because of my former employment.

The cost of looking after these criminals in category A prison accommodation is huge. They are not all immigrants, you may say, because some of them are linked to home grown criminal elements. One day, and I pray it is not soon, one such motivated group will cause havoc again. It has been close to happening over the past decade, and we should be grateful to God that disasters have been averted by alert and active agents who are able to monitor terrorists and prevent destruction.

The naive and stupid call to bring all those in the "Calais Jungle" and all who seek sanctuary here quickly without adequate, necessary and thorough security checks, which would put UK lives at risk.

Now the immigration services and those dealing with asylum applications are under enormous pressure. Over 100 asylum applications a day are allegedly coming in to the Home Office. I intend to look into this matter.

I have heard Baptists complaining about the bureaucracy and the delays, and some of these asylum seekers and "overstayers" sharing their problems. But they must remember that they are or would be guests in a country that believes in law and due process. Unfortunately illegal entrants do not, and some are prepared to get involved in activities that put UK lives at risk.


Johli Baptist said...

Enemies of democracy, the open society, of law and justice, have come to our land. They have no regard for our culture, our heritage, our way of life, but they wish to take what they can and show no concern or care for others. Such selfish behaviour sours and soils our social cohesion. In some cases they are amoral and immoral, operating with a warped moral compass.
Honesty and integrity are not valued by them at all. Of course, we have these people within our own society and living among us. The decline of Christian values and Christian standards of behaviour has a lot to do with it. When a society forsakes justice and pursues decadent values then that society is sowing the seeds of decay, decline and destruction. Broad is the way that leads to destruction. There is a way that seems right to the godless and see where it ends ultimately. Where will you spend eternity? With God, whom to know is life eternal, or in outer darkness? When we are without God, we are without hope and on the road to ruin. But thanks be to God for His life abundant, eternal and exceeding our expectations.

Johli Baptist said...

If you doubt what I say then spare a thought for those who suffered in Rotherham, for those who are now sex slaves in London under the thumb of organized criminals who don't care about British values and fair play.


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