Tuesday, 12 April 2016

Tottenham team on the up. Van Gaal's team are a faded force. Pride cometh before a fall.

Spurs are on the up. Van Gaal is right in saying that Manchester United, the red devils, are a bigger club. They are wealthier and have a greater global following. Most of their fans have never been to Old Trafford. But that's true of many teams and their fans; they've never been to a home match.

Pride comes before a fall and Manchester United have fallen from their former glory. They won't be seeing Champions League football for another season.

Van Gaal's arrogance has reared itself again. But take heed, Manager of Manchester United, you may not be at your club for very much longer. And you may be relegated to a club that's not great at all. Your tactics last Saturday may make future employers wonder. They were incomprehensible to many lovers of the beautiful game. 

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