Monday, 5 October 2015

Not another high ranking clergyman convicted of sex crimes?

Yes, another church leader, an Anglican bishop, has been found guilty of serious sex crimes which should lead to a custodial sentence. It is a sad and sorry saga, which involved the Church of England, the victims who suffered so badly, former Bishop Peter Ball and others who helped cover up the crimes.

Damaged lives reveal the deep wounds and harmful consequences of these profoundly sinful actions. Something truly toxic has ruined relationships. The flesh, the carnal nature, has reaped corruption and chaos in lives that could and should have produced abundance, fruitful growth and eternal quality.

Archbishop Justin Welby is right to call for a rigorous review of child protection procedures and the handling of sexual offences within the church. Clearly clergy have let down the flock under their pastoral care very badly indeed. Much was given to them and much shall be expected. Repentance, action and justice must be seen to be done. Deeds done without justice and loving kindness will not stand the test of time and eternity. We will all give account to God for deeds done on earth. They have eternal significance. They reach beyond this present realm. 

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Anonymous said...

Was Peter Ball, the former Bishop of Gloucester, a wolf in sheep's clothing or a genuine Christian leader with serious sex problems and perversions?


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