Saturday, 20 June 2015

Language of heaven and paths of paradise?

I have just spent a few days in Wales, where I am told they speak the language of heaven. Well, it may take an eternity to learn Welsh properly.  All those mutations, the pronunciation and the intonation make it very difficult for an Englishman.

The green, green grass,

 the rolling hills,

 the beautiful beaches,

 the splendid scenery,

 the magnificent coastline and coastal paths, the millions of sheep, more sheep than people,

 the singing (a Welsh funeral is so different from an English one) and the chapel culture,

 all these aspects really appeal to me. It seems like paradise, a precious park of delightful paths and pleasant places. Cymru am byth!

 Sensible measures have been taken to prevent this area from becoming a dog toilet.

 I am from an overpopulated and cramped part of the country, with far too much traffic, congestion and environmental pollution, including noise pollution. Parts of London are too noisy and nasty. Parking is a nightmare! The rat race has resulted in some people behaving like rats in crowded conditions. There are too many inconsiderate drivers, dog owners, car parkers and unpleasant white van men in the London area. Parks and cricket pitches have become dog toilets. Beautiful front gardens have been paved. The land is full of cars.

I love the civility of life in rural Wales. And the people have time to stand and stare.


What is this life if full of care we have no time for God in prayer?
Life is fragile. Handle with prayer.

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