Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Blakeney weekend

I had a most enjoyable weekend at Blakeney, Norfolk.  I stayed at the Blakeney Hotel where I spent time watching the birds, the tide ebb and flow, and the sun set over the salt marshes. This part of Norfolk, where there is a bird sanctuary, has been designated as an area of outstanding natural beauty.

Please click here to see my video of the sunset

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Lucille Foster said...

Wow! Congratulations for spending a very most enjoyable weekend at Blakeney, Norfolk! Reading your post gave me so much excitement. The photos you shared are amazing, with views that are so lovely and refreshing. That is indeed the best place to simply relax your body and mind. Thanks for sharing that, Johli! I hope you get to enjoy more moments like that. All the best to you!

Lucille Foster @ The George Hotel At Cley


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