Thursday, 30 May 2013

Alfred TB Williams, revival and Nigerian pastors

I note that Christ Faith Tabernacle website still refers to Alfred Williams' prophecy about a coming revival in the UK and his revelations.

We did not see a revival in 2011, as Alfred Williams predicted, and the situation in Nigeria is very bad at the moment (particularly in the north of the country).  According to one of my friends who is a Nigerian doctor, there are many difficulties when working throughout Nigeria.  And he has been working recently in the northern areas. Corruption, lawlessness and Boko Haram terrorism are evident.

Does charity begin at home?  I have noticed that some Nigerian pastors in England do very little to help the desperately needy Nigerian people who live in abject poverty. Some prosperity preachers in Nigeria have personal jet planes while their home town folk and tribes are living in terrible conditions.   According to my friend there are plans to tax these prosperity parasites very heavily.

I understand that Alfred Williams does minister from time to time in Nigeria.  I hope he sees the revival there that he has preached about. Nigeria clearly needs a revival, as does the UK.

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